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Registration is a manual process right now, since the spambots are vicious. It'd help if you could join #sourcemage on irc.freenode.net and poke BeepDog with your freshly registered username, and he'll happily activate your account.

The wiki is probably the best place for information right now (sadly, also read-only thanks to vicious bots), until we get things organized and transferred to this site.

To gain access to a project as a developer, or a lead developer, either contact the Component Lead of the project, or the Project Lead (David Kowis) to have access added to the project.

Latest news

Source Mage General: Reverted to latest Redmine
Chiliproject is dead, so it's back to redmine.
Added by David Kowis 3 months ago

Source Mage General: Updated Chiliproject
Updated to the latest version. Addresses various security vulnerabilities.
Added by David Kowis over 2 years ago

Source Mage General: MySQL hate
MySQL still brought down the server. Upgraded it to a newer version, and upgraded the tables.
Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

Source Mage General: Stupid Leap Seconds
MySQL didn't like leap seconds and that caused it to use up all the CPUs
Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

Source Mage General: Updated Chiliproject (1 comment)
Now at 3.2.2
Added by David Kowis over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Source Mage General (05/25/2011 01:47 PM)

    General Source Mage. Things that aren't specific to any component, but apply to the distro entirely.

    Or maybe that just don't fit anywhere else :)

  • Grimoire (05/24/2011 04:29 PM)

    The grimoire is Source Mage's collection of package information. It provides the spells you can use to get software installed.

  • Sorcery (05/24/2011 04:22 PM)

    Sorcery is what makes Source Mage work. Sorcery is the Source Mage package management system.

  • Cauldron (05/24/2011 04:19 PM)

    Source Mage installation media generation system.

  • IMP Data Systemd (05/24/2011 04:16 PM)

    The data for using IMP with Systemd.